“It’s easy to always feel the need to be busy with work. I make a point to take part in a variety of activities to let loose. I listen to opera especially Pavarotti, play the drums, go off-road driving in the desert. It’s so important to embrace the fun in life and not let work dominate every aspect of my week. I strongly believe that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to take care of my business. So eat tomatoes like they’re peanuts, play silly games with your kids. Ultimately, having these moments of relief help me sharpen my focus and close more deals.”

–Moshe Shlisel, co-founder and CEO of GuardKnox, a supplier of secure high-performance computing solutions that has raised $25 million and is working with automotive companies including Porsche and Daimler

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish