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At Crown Mortgage of the West, our sights are set on excellence, not enterprise.

We aren’t concerned with being famous on Wall Street, but we are committed to being loved on Main Street. That’s why we only accept a handful of new clients and realtors each month, enabling our famous white glove service with each.

It’s the boutique way.

What does it mean to have an advocate in the mortgage business?

It comes down to an alignment of interests.

Most other lenders are actually “mortgage bankers”

whose profit correlates directly to your interest rate.

But Crown is different. We shop the best rates and terms

for you from our network of more than 100 lenders.

Our profits are determined by one thing: your satisfaction.

Our Process

Cutting edge tech meets old school touch.

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Because No One Ever Said Home Is Where The Paperwork Is.

When Crown’s president entered the mortgage business in 1982, signing required the scratch of a pen, document sharing came with the lick of a stamp, and the only thing stored in the cloud was rain. Today, technology has revolutionized the lending process. Now, lenders can be looped in across states, documents can be signed from a beach chair, and borrowers can interact with their broker without taking off their slippers.

What hasn’t changed: relationships still rule, and nothing is more important than a creative mind and an experienced ear. At Crown Mortgage of the West, we marry the time-saving advantages of modern technology with the reassuring presence of real relationships and real people.

At Crown Mortgage of the West, we strive to hone knowledge, establish values, and maintain a culture of ethics unequaled in the industry.

What does that look like?

“Designing each loan as if it were for our own family.”


Purchasing or refinancing a home is such a personal and often stressful experience, things seem to come down to the last 30 days and when the process greatly affects you and your family, emotions can run high. In the age of online offers and refinancing with a click of the button I have been burned before. In Brian I have an individual on my financial team that I can trust completely and that is priceless.
Denise G.
Brian always made me feel at ease, was easy to communicate with and by the end of my first purchase with Brian I knew for a fact he had my best interest at heart. I have since done three transactions with him and I know he always fights to get me the best deal and protects my interests at all costs.
Frank & Debbi V.
I was lucky in that Brian was a good friend of the family when we took on the process of purchasing a family home. Then I found out that I was even more lucky than I knew. Brian and his team will take care of you like their own family as they guide you through the process to closure.
Geoff D.
If you’re looking for company and person that will make you feel like family, look no further than Brian and his staff. Professionalism, dedication and a personal touch. You can’t ask for more.
Steve & Veronica W.
When I began working with Brian, I had an idea in mind about what I wanted to do regarding consolidating debt to reduce interest rates and allow for more cash flow. In the spirit of exceptional service, Brian didn’t simply respond to and process my wishes, but shared with me several different options which would help me achieve my goals more effectively, unlike other financial institutions that merely returned a solution which was not really in my best interest. Once the final solution was determined, Brian and team continued to work hard for and with me to get the best rate and deal possible by counseling me on how to increase my credit score in short order and then by interacting with the agencies on my behalf to update their records just in time.
Jill B.

Decades of Experience

Hundreds of millions in lending volume and real estate acquisitions, and unparalleled experience in branding and leadership.



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