“Keeping a short, daily to-do list of all the tasks I want to accomplish makes it so the day doesn’t get away from me. Especially when my schedule is packed, this helps me to be really intentional with the 10 to 15 minutes in between meetings and use that time to cross off one of those smaller tasks. My favorite tool for this is Sunsama. I can see my to-do list, meetings, and calls all in one place, and be realistic about how much can be completed in a day. I used to be the person who obsessed over reaching inbox zero. I like being able to physically see what I got done. But as our team and company grow, achieving inbox zero feels less impactful. With a daily to-do list, I’m able to be proactive and define what actually needs to get done, rather than letting my inbox decide. For me, crossing all the tasks off my to-do list gives a deeper sense of achievement at the end of each day, and helps me hit the ground running the next morning.”

–Stephen Chen, founder and CEO of Scanwell Health, a company that has gained FDA-clearance for an over-the-counter urine testing app and test kit that offers smartphone-enabled, at-home diagnostics

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish