“Starting the day with a clear head and an empty inbox sets the stage for a productive day. For me, every day begins with an early-morning coffee in an inspiring environment, usually a quiet cafe, where I take a few moments to breathe, organize my thoughts and sort my emails. After these few quiet moments, the rest of my day is all about getting things done as quickly, proactively and efficiently as possible. Keeping on top of my email is one of my top priorities. I use Superhuman to help me with this but I also respond to every email right away, unless it requires deeper thought in which case I immediately schedule calendar time to resolve it. Part of my daily proactivity also involves problem prevention, instead of reactively solving problems.”

–Eden Amirav, co-founder and CEO of Become, a business lending platform where SMBs can find and optimize funding solutions, partnering with over 50 lending partners and serving more than 200,000 business owners

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish