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Cutting edge tech meets old school touch.

“We craft every loan like it’s for our family.”

Brian Lardner — Founding & Managing Member
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In lending volume and real estate acquisitions.
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Paperwork Management

Paperwork has long been a major headache for both lenders and customers alike. Not anymore. CMW uses cutting-edge software to free our team to spend more time focused on the needs of our customers and less time tracking down documents.

how we attract start performers

To join the Crown Mortgage family, Loan Officers must have a minimum of 10 years’experience and a demonstrated drive to be great. Because our Loan Officers are commission-only, we are able to attract the best and brightest. They control the size of their paycheck and know that doing great work and keeping their borrowers happy is the only recipe for success.

Our unique structure allows Loan Officers to work where they live and live anywhere in the U.S., eradicating long commutes and eliminating the need for relocation. Plus,they get the kind of star treatment they deserve.

Among our many, fun perks, is that our Loan Officers are allowed 3 “fee-free” deals per year for their friends or family. This allows them and their friends and families to buy or refinance their property at a substantial savings.

Proudly not one size fits all.

The Power of 105 Lenders

A search for a new home is a deeply personal expedition. What is non-negotiable for one buyer may be a non-factor for another. And so it is with mortgages. Each customer has their own set of priorities, and each lender has their own set of rates and expertise. That’s why we price every loan with more than 100 lenders, securing a dozen different rates and terms from each. The result? A slate of options a thousand strong. Our legwork, your reward.

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