• We play an eclectic mix from blues, jazz, pop, rock, alternative, etc!

• Underwriting announcements are 25-30 second spots, up to 75 words, read live on

the air by DJs that inform our audience of the products and services offered by the

local companies supporting Community Radio. These spots blend with our

programming instead of interrupting it. And there are never any production costs.

• $20 Daytime Run Of Schedule (5am to 10pm, Mon-Sun)

• Hoping to reach the most people? A daytime ad placement gets you the most radio

listeners on KXCI’s most popular programs. You can also choose to limit the days of

the week you run at this rate (example: just Thursdays and Fridays to promote a

weekend event).

• $12 Nighttime Run Of Schedule (10pm to 5am, Mon-Sun)

• Looking for the night owls? Or simply looking to build awareness through repetition?

Save even more with this reduced evening rate, targeting your spots to KXCI’s late

night, eclectic lineup. You can also still choose to limit the days of the week you run

at this rate.