“When you’re launching a company, something goes wrong pretty much every day. When disaster strikes, I immediately embrace the problem and start thinking about how I can fix it right now. Once I have a way forward, I reflect on how I could have done something different to prevent it. There is no power in just thinking about how unlucky I am or how unfair or unforgiving the universe can be. Okay, it happened, how can I fix it now and make sure it doesn’t happen again? In this way, each disaster or challenge is an opportunity to grow and make a stronger company. It puts me in control of my destiny, not just a victim at the mercy of other people or bad luck.”

–Zack Abbott, co-founder and CEO of ZBiotics, a company that produces and sells genetically engineered probiotics and has experienced nearly 40 percent month-over-month growth since its launch in 2019

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish