Thank you for visiting the Realtor Stimulus section of our web site.  

This is a cooperative form of advertising in which Realtors pay only 15% of the cost of advertising but receive 85% of the benefit. Crown Mortgage of the West pays 85% and receives 15% of the benefit. 

The first and most important thing that everyone must understand is that we are not and will not create any form of quid pro quo. Crown Mortgage of the West’s SOLE motivations are to make our brand as ubiquitous as possible and to help Realtors receive from what has recently been a very bad situation. Nothing is expected in return except for payment of the Realtor’s portion of the cost.

We have several goals in mind and things that we would like to accomplish with this program. We also have several things that we need to avoid.  

First, what we need to avoid: We MUST avoid any quid pro quo at all cost.

Second, our goals:

  • Help Realtors bounce back to where they were pre-COVID-19 crisis, at the lowest cost possible to Realtors
  • Make certain that Realtors understand that paying for their portion of the ad and doing a great job for their clients is all that we ask
  • Make Crown Mortgage of the West as ubiquitous as is reasonably possible and to do so at an economically responsible cost 
  • Our overarching goal is to make our marketing dollars go absolutely as far as is possible.

It is critical that everyone agrees to play by our rules and by registering here you agree to do so.

There can be NO direct contact between Realtors and any of the Advertising Media. Doing so will immediately eliminate you from the program and you will no longer have the option to use our program. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To be eligible to advertise with a given media you must have not advertised with that media for the previous 12 months.

All ad placements are at the sole discretion of the media and are subject to availability.