“While we have plenty of planned meetings, I find that it is very helpful to have impromptu discussions across the company.  When I have time free, I find opportunities to stop at peoples’ desks to chat.  I might share an idea I’ve had… or a company goal, or ask them to update me on a project. Not only does this help keep me in touch with what is going on throughout the company, but it also breaks down barriers, so anyone in the company feels they can raise issues or ask questions. As a startup, we need to be nimble, and I’ve found that these kinds of quick, 15-minute conversations have the effect of moving discussions forward so we’re making decisions as quickly as we need rather than waiting for a formal meeting.”

–Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense, a smart home company that has raised $30 million and partners with global energy companies including Schneider Electric and Landis + Gyr

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish