“I’m not a morning person so the most creative time for me is right before bed. Before I go to sleep, I take some time to review my agenda for the next few days. For scheduled client meetings, I imagine potential scenarios and play them out in my head. For important tasks, I consider and even write down potential setbacks and strategies on how to mitigate them and sometimes it leads to innovative ideas. It might be surprising, but with all this thinking out of the way, I sleep soundly and am always prepared for what the future may bring. In fact, I often wake up with fresh new ideas on how to tackle daily challenges thanks to my evening routine.”

–Natali Tshuva, co-founder and CEO of Sternum, a cybersecurity solution offering protection for IoT devices, working with the world’s largest medical device manufacturers and cellular connectivity suppliers across multiple industries

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish