“Each of us sees the world through our own unique lens, informed by a specific set of experiences. That’s why I think it’s so important to find a moment each day to venture outside that narrow worldview and discover something new. It could be big or small, but learning one new thing — to take a moment and celebrate someone else’s ideas — keeps me going on even the longest days. I try to listen to as many points of view as possible. I read stories from authors halfway across the world or listen to podcasts from experts in areas I’m completely unfamiliar with. It gives me at least one chance each day to really stretch my thinking and grow in how I approach challenges.”

–Holger Seim, co-founder and CEO of Blinkist, a knowledge discovery tool that has distilled the key ideas from more than 3,000 bestselling nonfiction books into audio content for its community of more than 12 million people

By Christina DesMarais Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish